Belfort Group Website

A digital marketing agency, Belfort Group needed to keep their website updated, modern, and cutting edge. With a focus on client journeys each page was created to answer the most common questions and provide up the relevant information prospective clients are searching for all in one place. Notable features and functionality: Dynamic layout CMS Integration […]

Unity First

New DEI consultancy UNITY FIRST needed a website for their business. Their main goals for their website were to be inclusive, accessible, and be able to grow with the company as it expands over the next several years. Notable features and functionality: Appointment scheduling Dynamic related content Backend toggle to hide or show content sections […]


A consortium for executive education programs, UNICON needed to update their website to streamline the news, updates, and content their membership engages. The result was a modern, simple website that made their content the primary feature. Notable features and functionality: Searchable membership directory Dynamic content feeds CMS Integration User-friendly backend for staff implemented content updates