MLSC: Introductory Video

With a mission dedicated to fostering growth and collaboration within the dynamic life sciences community, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center plays a pivotal role in propelling groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technologies forward it was a larger undertaking. Condensing the MLSC’s essence into a visually captivating 30 seconds began with a script and voiceover presented by […]

Belfort Group Brand Refresh

I was tasked with developing and executing a brand refresh for marketing agency Belfort Group that that utilized the existing logo and built a cohesive brand identity around it. The core of the refresh embraces a bold and abstract approach to sub-branding by incorporating shape language as the central element to represent the core services […]

BU Questrom Program Digital Ads

These motion graphic ads designed for paid social feature animated elements that engage and resonate with viewers. Aimed at providing a high-level look at the qualities of each program this set of ads proved to be very successful in market. Improving ad engagement, web traffic, and conversions over the previous static image variants.

MSMS Program Milestones

With a creative blend of animations and visuals, I guide you through the program’s milestones of BU Questrom’s MSMS program and its innovative learning journey. Each composition showcases the curriculum’s depth and innovation, ensuring clarity and engagement. The video’s rhythm, complemented by thoughtful typography, paints a vivid picture of the academic voyage that can connect […]

MSMS By the Numbers

In this motion graphics video, I explored the statistics and ROI highlights of an esteemed Master’s program at BU Questrom. The goal was to transform the program’s raw data into a captivating narrative using dynamic animations and striking visuals. From soaring employment rates to the tangible growth in salaries, I crafted each frame to emphasize […]

MSMS Right For You

For this motion graphics video, I explored the main characteristics of individuals who choose to attend a masters in management program at BU Questrom. My goal was to create a narrative that resonated with the target audience by using dynamic animations and striking visuals.


The redesign of the NECHE website involved a comprehensive effort to enhance its user experience and functionality. The project began with extensive research and analysis of user needs and preferences, which informed the development of a user-centered design approach. The website’s information architecture was optimized to improve navigation and searchability of key content. The redesign […]

NBSB 2018 Annual Report

North Brookfield Savings Bank wanted to create an annual report that conveyed their belief in values that put the customer first. These tried and true values are core to NBSB and what they strive to embody every day. Communicating that through customer experiences, charitable and community contributions, and innovation was key to bringing this report […]

NBSB 2019 Annual Report

Neighbors helping Neighbors is the cornerstone ideal that North Brookfield Savings Bank was built around. As a local community bank truly being involved in, and giving back to, their communities is a priority every day. Looking back on 2019 NBSB wanted to convey that sense of community and belonging with their annual report.

Belfort Group Brand Video

Here to help brands, people, and businesses succeed, Belfort Group wanted to create a brand video that conveyed the passion and commitment of their team. With services ranging from public relations, digital marketing, branding, and creative services, and clients in higher education, non-profit, business, finance, and travel & tourism, it was important to highlight the […]